Town of Cornelius PARC Department Guest Speaker for Black History Month Celebration

Tracy Alston

The Town of Cornelius PARC Department is pleased to announce that Tracy Alston will be the guest speaker for this year’s Black History Month Celebration. Ms. Alston is a mental fitness consultant, a licensed professional counselor, board certified in biofeedback and neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance, a radio host for the Mental Fitness Matters show on WSIC radio … Read More

Train Your Brain and Dominate Your Lane; Mental Fitness Matters® (Webinar 2 PARTS)

Tracy Alston

6 Weeks Mental Fitness Matters

The difference between winning the championship and just making it to the playoffs comes down to mental fitness. It Matters!

In this course you will learn the basic concepts on what it means to be mentally fit, why it matters, how to train and improve your mental performance and how harnessing these skills and techniques can give you a mental advantage in every area of your life.

The Mental Fitness Matters Show on WSIC 105.9FM RADIO STATION

Tracy Alston

MENTAL FITNESS MATTERS® SHOW WITH HOST TRACY ALSTON Mental Fitness Matters is a show designed to provide busy people with short practical solutions to improve your mental fitness. The Mental Fitness Matters show and platform introduces industry experts, guests and ordinary people from all walks of life to sit down and talk about all matters related to mental wellness, what mental … Read More