March Madness Mindset
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March Madness Mindset with Jennifer Hoover | MFM 85 RADIO SHOW WSIC 105.9FM #61

March Madness Mindset is in full effect, and our guest Jennifer Hoover is probably the best one to cover this topic.

About Our Guest Jennifer Hoover

She is in her ninth season as head coach at Wake Forest University and with her, we are going to talk about March Madness Mindset. Jennifer is a graduate of Wake Forest University where she graduated with academic honors. She was a three-time All-ACC selection and is second on the school’s career record charts for points and rebounds.

On March 4, 2021, Coach Hoover became the winningest coach in Wake Forest history after beating North Carolina in the ACC tournament. Congratulations Coach, it is such an honor to have you on my show today!!

MORE ABOUT Jennifer Hoover

  • All-time winningest coach. With the most wins in program history
  • First NCAA appearance since 1988
  • The coach was a player the last time the Deacs won an NCAA tournament game.

Key Questions about March Madness Mindset to Jennifer Hoover

What does March Madness Mindset, mental fitness mean to you? What are some ways you stay mentally fit? Congratulations on going dancing this year!!

How different was it for you to go as a coach vs going as a player What was the mental preparation like for this group (coaches and players) going to the dance for the first time since…

Let’s talk about this year…how has it been this year (COVID IMPACT) Not knowing if you would even have a season, trying to keep players focused, healthy, safe, and comfortable to come out and compete at a high level on and off the court What were some of the differences if any in coaching and preparing for practices and games

What about the atmosphere What has been some of the takeaways/lessons learned moments cherished shared as a group

As a coach, you were several hats. How do you address mental fitness and mental health for athletes? Do you see this as a necessary component?

What’s next, how do you build off of this momentum?

The girls have gotten a taste of winning on a higher level, how do you keep that energy going

Any quick tips you would give to our listeners on developing a March Madness Mindset Coach Hoover?….


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