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I just attended the first workshop of the series called “mental edge learn how to optimize your brain” workshop. It was so informative! Tracy did a great job putting in perspective just how important it is to take care of the brain. I especially enjoyed how interactive it was. It’s a casual atmosphere so I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and asking questions. There were also demonstrations that we took part in..... SO interesting!

C.. Essen (Google Review)

I was able to attend the first in a series of workshops titled Learn how to optimize your brain. Tracy Alston is able to take her wealth of knowledge and break it down into easy to understand segments. She adds in fun breaks that keeps you engaged! I definitely plan to attend upcoming workshops with Tracy. I have already recommended the workshops to some friends as well!

S. Belcher (Google Review)

I've been working with Mental Edge Fitness for about 2 months now and the biggest improvement for me has been my ability to sleep. Prior to starting this work, I was tired and exhausted all the time because I could not get a good nights sleep. With the brain work and exercising my brain using the techniques provided, I have settled down a lot of the noise that has been rattling around in my brain keeping me awake at night. I've been a life coach and mentor for over 30 years and have spent over $150k on personal development, and yet I had no idea my brain was not functioning at the optimum level. This concept and this work is the leading edge of personal development. Besides the personal work Mental Edge Fitness is providing an incredible series of seminars teaching both biofeedback and neuro feedback using very simple practical applications.

R. M. Farlane (Google Review)

I attend the first workshop in a series of six. This workshop was "Learn How Your Brain Works and How To Optimize It." The workshop was filled with useful information, we went through some brain exercises as well as met some awesome people. I have known Tracy Alston since 2012 she is amazing and very compassionate about helping people maximize their brains potential and enhance their lives.

T. Mcneely (Google Review)

I just attended the 2nd biofeedback workshop which explained all the various biofeedback that can be utilized to train our bodies/brains for optimal mental health and performance and I feel like I learned so much! I never knew our skin temperature detected our stress levels. We also learned how to raise our skin temperature to lower our stress levels. We learned about heart variability and how it’s levels effect our health. Neurofeedback has impacted my life in so many ways. I’m so thankful we were introduced to it and I understand it better because of the workshops.

J. Griffin (Google Review)

WOW!!!! Tracy has an incredible gift to take complex scientific information about the brain and communicate it in a way that anyone can understand! Extremely inspiring, educational and life changing.

C. Perry (Form Review)

As Tracy was speaking I started to see myself achieving on a higher level. I was battling with how not to be just a dreamer but to be a doer and now I feel like I have a bigger piece of how I can operate on a higher level.

P.  Blow (Form Review)

Tracy is a great speaker that brings her passion and energy. Amazing workshop

A. Jordan (Form Review)

Tracy was very engaging and did a great job communicating what could be complicated information. Life changing seminar

K. Manuzza (Form Review)

Great workshop! great energy!

A. Merchant (Form Review)

Tracy embodies what she teachers. Vibrant energy. We can't wait to get her to Toronto!

K. Ernest (Form Review)

Tracy makes learning about the brain so engaging and fascinating. She gave easy to use tools that I will incorporate into my day

V. Ford (Form Review)

Learning and blessed. Hope for my future

C. Robinson (Form Review)

Tracy gave great tips that I can use today and forever to improve

G. Home (Form Review)

Amazing experience. A seminar I really needed at this time in my life. Thank you!!

S. Chen See (Form Review)


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