No Sleep and Stress Cause Symptoms of Concussion?

No Sleep and Stress Cause Symptoms of Concussion? | MFM 76 RADIO SHOW WSIC 105.9FM #54

No Sleep and Stress Cause Symptoms of Concussion? Would you consider yourself a good sleeper? Is it easy for you to go to sleep, stay asleep, and do you normally wake up feeling refreshed and restored? Or…… do you feel like at times your sleep is interrupted, you have a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep and when you wake up you still feel tired and exhausted?

These are just a few important questions to begin to ask yourself and start to pay more attention to if you don’t already. You want to pay attention to what effects sleep has on your mental performance.

As we all know and we’ve all heard…. Sleep is very important. It really is where all the good stuff takes place. This is when our brain and body does most of its healing, restorative and recovery work that it needs to function.

Short to long term memory consolidation happens when we sleep Our brain cleans out the plaque that leads to brain aging challenges Quality sleep is necessary and over time a lack of sleep and stress can have a negative impact on your brain health and brain performance?

There is a new research study that was done by Ohio State University that shows that a lack of sleep and stress can lead to symptoms that resemble a concussion. Symptoms that resemble a concussion.


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