Neurofeedback for Better Sleep. 4 Incredible Reasons Why Athletes Use It

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Neurofeedback for better sleep. Neurofeedback (NFB) or Neurotherapy is a type of biofeedback using real-time displays of brain activity. The main objective of neurofeedback sessions is to self-regulate certain brain functions to deal with issues or improve overall brain performance. The typical neurofeedback session consists of placing sensors on the scalp for measuring electrical activity in the brain. Screens that … Read More

Neurofeedback Can Improve Students’ Mental Performance

Neurofeedback Can Improve Students' Mental Performance
What is Neurofeedback? Neurofeedback, also known as brain training can help students to perform better, which isn’t something scary or complicated. In a nutshell, neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that helps in the self-regulation of the brain. The brain houses lots of electrical activity and generates brain waves. These waves are what constitute moods, emotions, processing information and consequently, ... Read More

Train Your Brain and Dominate Your Lane; Mental Fitness Matters® (Webinar 2 PARTS)

Tracy Alston

6 Weeks Mental Fitness Matters

The difference between winning the championship and just making it to the playoffs comes down to mental fitness. It Matters!

In this course you will learn the basic concepts on what it means to be mentally fit, why it matters, how to train and improve your mental performance and how harnessing these skills and techniques can give you a mental advantage in every area of your life.

Workshop at Trinity Oaks Retirement Community “A Better Body, A Better Brain”

Tracy Alston

Mental Edge Fitness Solutions

Trinity Oaks Retirement Community Workshop:  “A Better Body, A Better Brain” Join the team from Mental Edge Fitness Solutions, for a revolutionary science-based workshop. We will introduce you to brain-based yoga and brain foods! This science-based workshop will be interactive and fun. Please wear comfortable clothing. Inform Sydney or Lorie of any food allergies as the Mental Edge team will … Read More

Brainwaves and qEEG Brain Mapping

Brainwaves and qEEG Brain Mapping

Why is understanding brainwaves important? A healthy brain has an optimal speed. Think about your brain speed like shifting gears on a bike. A healthy brain should be able to access these brain speeds/states effortlessly. For example, if your brain is stuck in high gear for too long you could experience being overwhelmed, anxious, overly stressed, irritable, tension headaches and … Read More