Can We Train Our Brain?

More than you would believe, people often ask, “Can you train your brain?”  The answer is, “Yes.” Scientists have believed for a long time that once your brain is fully developed, it is no longer able to change. Now, we know that isn’t the case. Neuroscientific research shows us that the brain is malleable and capable of learning new skills, … Read More

The Brain, Brainwaves, qEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback

  20% of the average workday is spent on ”crucial” and “important” things, while 80% of the average workday is spent on things that have “little” or “no value”. (DashboardStream) Most employees have mentally checked out from 4 PM to 6 PM. (Lifehack). Mid-meetings, 91% admit to daydreaming and 60% take notes just to look busy. (9Spokes) Productivity is the … Read More

Power of Silence

You ever just turned everything off? You ever just sat and listened to the birds chirping on the outside of your window? You ever just unplugged for a moment to hear your own thoughts and not the information downloaded from the television, or Instagram or a text message that you just received? Have you ever noticed or experienced the power … Read More

What is qEEG Brain Mapping

What Is qEEG? qEEG refers to the analysis of digitized EEG, or popularly known as “Brain Mapping.” The qEEG extends the analysis of EEG interpretation, and this helps in gaining a better understanding of EEG and brain function. qEEG is nothing but a procedure processing recorded EEG activity measured from a multi-electrode recording employing a computer.  Various algorithms like the … Read More

Butterflies In My Stomach: The Gut-Brain Connection

Did you ever stop to wonder about the phrases “gut-wrenching, “nauseating” and “butterflies in the stomach”? They all have something in common: they describe the physical feeling, specifically that in your gut which accompanies emotional states. Pushing away a plate of food or feeling as though you can’t eat when you are sad or angry is not just an emotional … Read More

Change Your Mental State by Harnessing the Power of Brain Waves

Have you heard of brain waves? They are all the rave recently and rightly so! Brain waves are rhythmic oscillations that neurons produce in synchrony. These waves contain information in small packets that help you perform tasks in your life. Talking on the phone, taking notes in class, driving listlessly along that freeway, brain waves have got you covered. There … Read More

The story of 3 Elite Performers gaining a mental edge using Neurofeedback

Well, don’t freak out yet. No, this article doesn’t assume you know what neurofeedback is, so hang around for a while and read some fantastic stuff about the brain and its ability to be trained for optimal performance. What is Neurofeedback? In its essence, neurofeedback is a non-invasive, drug-free reward-based training program for your brain. It is a form of … Read More

Mental Energy and Happiness

We all know that happiness is a state of mind. However, not many people know that happiness can be controlled consciously via the working of your brain. Let’s delve more into the details of how happiness stems from brain activity and what practical steps you can take to be happier more often. What influences happiness and joy in your mind? … Read More