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As we are gearing up for the Olympics, there are a lot of things happening in the aquatics world, and we will also get a chance to talk about the changes happening for the NCAA with athletes being able to make money from their name, image, and likeness.

Professionals Beyond the Game & Money

NCAA and athletes being able to make money from their names and likeness They can get paid from: Their social media accounts You can start seeing your favorite athlete in brand deals and commercials…it’s a win-win… They will use their personal brand to make money Candance parker will be the first NBA 2K22 female cover athlete in the history of the NBA 2K Series So it’s ok that you bring the people to the party, but you don’t expect them to get paid for it? University of Oregon women’s basketball player Sedona Price has already promised custom merchandise for fans. She has 2.5 million followers on Tiktok, 240K Instagram followers, and 43.1k followers on Twitter. Think about the impact, this could have as a society or bigger issues at large (the attention is massive) and can be strategic for anyone involved.

Olympics, Swimming and Hair…

Alice Dearing, 24 became the first black female swimmer to represent Britain at an Olympics, was one of the first people on the frontlines protesting FINA’s decision when she received word that the British-brand Soul Cap could not be worn to cover her natural hair

Banning of Souls caps by the International Swimming Federation (FINA)

Misconceptions about black communities and swimming:
Facts: 64% of black children do not know how to swim The truth is that a lack of access and prejudice is the root cause of slim black participation

As a swimmer and a swim coach Information:

FINA came back and said they would review the decision and Soul Cap has more than 5,000 signatures on their petition to reverse the ban Swimma caps is another company that makes caps specifically for black swimmers Ed Accura is the Producer and main lead of the NetFlix film blacks can’t swim, addressing misconceptions around blacks and swimming in the UK and other European Nations.


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