The Power of "Sleep Hygiene" for Better Night Sleep

The Power of “Sleep Hygiene” for Better Night Sleep

Welcome back to the Mental Fitness Matters channel! Are you struggling to get quality sleep night after night? Well, you’re in for a treat because today we’re diving into the transformative world of “Sleep Hygiene”!

What exactly is sleep hygiene? Think of it as the personal care routine for your sleep. But there’s more to it, and we’ll be exploring these essential tips in our full video. You won’t believe how simple changes can revolutionize your sleep!

Did you know that sleep affects your mental, physical, and emotional health in more ways than one? We’ve got some eye-opening insights, including surprising findings from an Ohio State University study. Stay tuned for the full discussion in our video!

To dive deeper into the world of sleep hygiene and unlock the secrets to a better night’s sleep, make sure to watch our Mental Fitness Matters video.

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About Tracy Alston

Tracy Alston, a Mental Fitness Consultant is a licensed professional counselor and board-certified in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. Tracy is the Founder and CEO of two companies located in Mooresville, N.C., New Mentality, P.C., and Mental Edge Fitness Solutions, Inc. Tracy’s passion is creating strategies and solutions for improving mental health and mental fitness.

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