How to Lead From Your Best Self
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How To Lead From Your Best Self with Valerie Franco (Mindful Leadership) | MFM 121 RADIO SHOW WSIC 105.9FM #97

How To Lead From Your Best Self with Valerie Franco. Valerie is the president of Valerie Franco Leadership solutions who is passionate about helping high-level leaders engage with people in new ways to foster working relationships that last. Effective leaders change the world for good through empowering others and achieving monumental tasks, but we are not born knowing how to do it. Over the years she’s honed critical leadership tools that she shares with others and that she will share with us today.

Lead From Your Best Self

What we cover in this video:

  1. How can you help?
  2. Tell us about you, your journey
  3. What does mental fitness mean to you and how do you stay mentally fit
  4. Lets talk about leadership coaching, what is your role as a coach, how do you help
  5. How do you become an effective leader? How do you teach that to companies and organizations
  6. What are some of the challenges that leaders face, especially now
  7. What does it mean to lead from your best self?
    1. Leading from our best selves allows us to be in better control over our emotions, mental state and how we show up
  8. What does it mean to be a mindful leader
  9. What does good leadership look like now? During this pandemic?
  10. What tips or strategies or tools would you suggest for someone looking to lead better, where should they start.



About Tracy Alston

Tracy Alston, a Mental Fitness Consultant is a licensed professional counselor and board-certified in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. Tracy is the Founder and CEO of two companies located in Mooresville, N.C., New Mentality, P.C., and Mental Edge Fitness Solutions, Inc. Tracy’s passion is creating strategies and solutions for improving mental health and mental fitness.

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