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I am excited about today’s show because in case you didn’t know this week is National School Counseling Week. So I want to use today’s show to acknowledge, celebrate, and show appreciation to all the school counselors out there, but one school counselor in particular for today’s show.

The National School Counseling week. It’s celebrated through the first week of February every year and its purpose is to focus public attention on the unique contribution of school counselors within the United States school systems.

Stephanie Wright, is my guest for today and she is the school counselor for Central Elementary School located in Statesville, NC

I was reading an article from NPR Education and the article was titled a silent epidemic our public schools are struggling to handle millions of students with mental health concerns. The article referenced that there are more than 50 million public school students in the US and as many as 1 in 5 shows signs of a mental health disorder.

A mental health disorder is a wide range of conditions that disrupts a person’s mood, thought or behavior, often for a long period of time and if a child is struggling, that’s going to make it that much harder for the child to learn…

About Tracy Alston

Tracy Alston, a Mental Fitness Consultant is a licensed professional counselor and board-certified in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. Tracy is the Founder and CEO of two companies located in Mooresville, N.C., New Mentality, P.C., and Mental Edge Fitness Solutions, Inc. Tracy’s passion is creating strategies and solutions for improving mental health and mental fitness.

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