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The Power of Intentional Thinking (PART 3/3) | MFM 51

The power of intentional thinking and how you can learn how to reduce stress and anxiety by being intentional with your thoughts.

How you start your day, dictates everything else. If you can become intentional about owning your mornings and creating a process of purpose you will notice a big difference in every area of your life. 

A process that you can begin immediately is allowing yourself 20-30 minutes every morning to quiet your mind. When we first wake up our brain is in what’s called an alpha-theta brainwave state. This is one of the most powerful and suggestive brain states that we enter. So learning how to take advantage of and optimize yourself during this state is life-changing. 

The brain is very receptive during this state, so whether you’re feeding it with negativity or positivity, it all matters and makes an impact. So the way you OWN your mornings is by becoming very intentional about protecting your time and space. If your normal routine is to turn off your alarm and begin scrolling through social media, emails, text messages, or catching the news I want you to not allow that to be the first thing you do in the mornings. Remember, your brain is in a suggestive state, so if you are tuning into social media or the news or stressful emails, then you’re just taking on the energetic tone of the world, first thing in the morning. This can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and defeated before your day even begins. 

Owning your mornings tips

1. Do not pick up your phone and scroll through the news, social media or emails

2. Spend this 20-30 mins in mediation, prayer, or quiet your mind experience. Allow your thoughts to just be. Allow yourself permission to experience and take in positive and quiet time for yourself. 
Doing this practice daily for a MINIMUM of 30 days will change your life for the better. Begin to pay attention to the subtle changes that will take place in your mood, relationships, creativity, and sleep quality. 

We choose what we focus on and in the ability to choose, if we are being intentional it allows the opportunity to decide what we want to think about at that moment. That decision can have an instant impact on how you feel and your decisions going forward. 

Make conscious decisions daily to be intentional about where you focus your energy. 

About Tracy Alston

Tracy Alston, a Mental Fitness Consultant is a licensed professional counselor and board-certified in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. Tracy is the Founder and CEO of two companies located in Mooresville, N.C., New Mentality, P.C., and Mental Edge Fitness Solutions, Inc. Tracy’s passion is creating strategies and solutions for improving mental health and mental fitness.

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