The Mind of a GAMING with Kendall Hamilton
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The Mind of a GAMING CHAMPION, a Conversation with Kendall Hamilton

The Mind of a gaming champion, a Conversation with Kendall Hamilton, we dive into the unseen world of mental fitness in professional gaming. If you’re a gamer or simply curious about the industry, you’re in for a treat!

Our guest is none other than Kendall Hamilton, a professional video gamer who has soared to fame as one of the top 10 players in the turbocharged world of 3v3 Rocket League. Buckle up as we journey through the mind of this elite gamer!

1. The Genesis of Gaming:

Kendall shares his gaming origin story, shedding light on how his journey into the gaming realm began. Did he start with a specific game, or was it a gradual evolution over time?

2. From Passion to Profession:

We explore the turning point in Kendall’s gaming journey when it transformed from a casual pastime to a serious profession. When did he know that gaming could be more than just a hobby?

3. Conquering Challenges and Convincing Parents:

Before becoming a pro, Kendall faced the challenge of convincing his mom that gaming was a viable career path. Hear about the hurdles he overcame on the road to professional gaming.

4. A Day in the Life of a Pro Gamer:

Kendall walks us through a typical day in his life, offering insights into the unique set of skills and routines required to thrive as a professional gamer.

5. Mental Warm-Ups and Rituals of a gaming champion :

Discover the mental warm-ups and pre-game rituals Kendall employs to stay sharp and focused in the highly competitive gaming arena.

6. Unwinding after Intense Sessions:

We delve into the crucial topic of mental well-being, exploring how Kendall unwinds and takes care of his mind after challenging gaming sessions or tournaments.

7. Navigating the Professional Landscape:

Gaming is now a career, and Kendall shares insights into how he secures sponsorships and gets paid for his skill in the gaming world.

8. Building Positive Connections:

Explore the importance of fostering positive relationships in the gaming community and how these connections contribute to Kendall’s mental health.

9. Goals and Excitement:

Kendall opens up about his future goals and what he’s most excited about in the ever-evolving world of gaming.

10. Physical vs. Mental:

Is gaming more physical or mental? Kendall provides insights into the training required for competitive gaming and discusses the balance between physical and mental aspects.

Thanks for joining us on this exciting episode of Mental Fitness Matters Show! Stay tuned for more conversations that unravel the minds behind remarkable achievements. Shine bright, Mental Fitness Matters community! 

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