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The Art of Self-Awareness and Blocking Out the Noise | MFM 41 RADIO SHOW WSIC 105.9FM #21

Be the Hero of Your Own Story by Writing Your Own Script: Discovering the Art of Self-Awareness and Blocking Out the Noise

I have WSIC’s very own, Niakeya James, as my guest for today and we have a great conversation lined up for our listeners!

I’m so excited because Niakeya is such an instrumental part of what I am allowed to do each week and what WSIC and the other show hosts are allowed to do every day.

She has a true gift and expertise to see the bigger picture and has been so helpful to me on my radio journey as it relates to ideas, topics or ways to keep getting better! I’m so thankful for her!! And I’m so honored to have her on with me today. She is here every week, but normally behind the scenes, and today she gets to come to the front and shine bright like the star that she is!

Niakeya is the producer at WSIC. She handles all aspects of production including writing, recording of commercials, as well as on-air programing. Niakeya holds a degree in journalism and mass communication with a minor in Marketing from North Carolina A&T. It was in college that her radio career began. Niakeya loves to read, write, and sing while performing in the mirror!

Niakeya and I both agree that this topic has power. How many people are living their life right now based on the script somebody else has written for them?

Think about that….

There are so many voices telling you WHO you need to be, HOW you need to be WHERE you need to be and WHY you need to be.

What does YOUR VOICE say?

So we’ve gathered a couple of questions that we are going to discuss on air. Feel free as you are listening or watching LIVE to…

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