Exercise is Critical for Peak Mental Performance

Why Exercise is Critical for Peak Mental Performance

Want to improve your mental performance? Exercise, exercise, exercise! Most people are aware that they should exercise to improve physical fitness, but exercising improves your mental fitness as well!

How Exercise Impacts Your Mental Performance

While you’re exercising, your brain has to learn new muscle skills. For example, your brain has to work to estimate distances, remember and it has to learn how to balance your body. Exercising is a great way to boost your mood, improve your memory, and increase brain function. Moving your body can even repair damaged brain cells. It’s a simple but effective way to maximize your brainpower.

Exercise Tips for Improving Your Mental Performance

If you’re a person that hates exercising, you might think that this mental fitness solution is anything but easy. You’re definitely not alone! So many people dread working out. But it’s something that definitely gets easier the more you do it. Here are some tips to help you develop good exercise habits.

Try a Variety of Workouts

You don’t have to make a huge commitment to working out to reap the benefits. Engage in some form of physical activity for at least thirty minutes every day. The activity you choose doesn’t have to be strenuous either. You can try thirty minutes of yoga, thirty minutes on the elliptical, thirty minutes of running around your neighborhood, or thirty minutes of swimming. You might even discover a workout that you truly love and want to continue doing for even longer than thirty minutes!

Find a Friend to Work Out With

You don’t have to work out alone. Try taking a fitness class like CrossFit, Zumba, or jazzercise. Or find yourself a workout buddy and go to the gym early before work. If you can’t work out together, you can always hold each other accountable. Text each other every day and ask the other person about their work out—what they did and how it went.

Try the Sweatcoin App

Still feel like you need some extra motivation? Try using the popular exercise app called Sweatcoin. It’s an app that pays you to get fit. It’s a step counter and activity tracker where the more you move, the more money you make. You earn digital currency to put toward other things that will help you stay on track with your physical fitness (and in turn your mental fitness). You can use your sweat coins for workout gear, fitness classes, healthy nutrition, and more. This app pays YOU even though it’s completely free to download! You can find Sweatcoin on Google Play and iTunes.

Encourage and support one another in your journey to mental fitness. How are you going to exercise for peak mental performance? Share your workout routine or even just one activity from your day down with our Mental Fitness Mattersô Community.

I would love to hear your thoughts on exercise for peak mental performance. Join our mental fitness matters community and join the conversation.




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